Holiday Planning – Virtual

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Holidays will likely look different in 2020. How do we adapt to the new reality and keep our menus GF?

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New to Celiac – Virtual

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Designed for families with a child newly diagnosed with celiac disease. After a brief presentation, we will answer your questions about transitioning to the GF lifestyle.

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Gluten Free and College Bound – Virtual

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This virtual meeting will provide information for families who are planning for college while on the gluten-free diet.


There will be information/break out sessions for parents and for students.


We will feature students and former students from Brandeis University, the College of William & Mary, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, Tufts University, Tulane University, the University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania. They will speak about their experiences living gluten-free in the college environment.


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Meal Planning – Virtual

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The name says it all, we will talk about meal planning; how to keep meals healthy, interesting and gluten-free (GF). We hope that planning tips will also make shopping easier.

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Is there Gluten in my Hand Sanitizer?

By Francie Kelley, Executive Director, Celiac Kids Connection

The short answer is - maybe. It is rare to find gluten in hand sanitizer, but it is possible.

Due to COVID-19 we are all washing our hands and we are washing them A LOT. When we cannot wash our hands, we are using hand sanitizer. The CDC and FDA both recommend that you should wash your hands and rely on hand sanitizer only when you are unable to use soap and water.

With this in mind we are using hand sanitizer a lot more than we have in the past. In particular, as our kids get ready to go back to school there will not be hand washing stations in each classroom. Schools will be relying on hand sanitizer for students.

The active ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol and the CDC recommends that your hand sanitizer contain at least 60% alcohol. Glycerol or other compounds are often added to help reduce the drying of your skin. In addition, fragrances may be added.

Most hand sanitizers are gluten free (GF). But some manufacturers do add moisturizers or fragrances that contain gluten. If you are using a gluten containing hand sanitizer and then eating, you may be exposing yourself to gluten.  Therefore, it is always important to check the ingredients of you hand sanitizer.

Based on the information on their website, Purell is gluten-free. We have had reports that some of the Bed Bath and Beyond brand hand sanitizers contain gluten. They are currently out of stock and I was unable to check ingredients to verify those reports. Some Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers contain wheat amino acids.

Again, most hand sanitizers are GF. However, it is important to know that they can contain gluten and it is important to check the ingredients of hand sanitizer before you use it.

As kids prepare to go back to school, it is important to keep in mind that your school will be using a lot of hand sanitizer. Find out what brand of sanitizer your school is using and check the ingredients. If you are concerned about the GF status of the hand sanitizer in your school, send your kids to school with a hand sanitizer brand that you know is GF. Your child can keep that with them and use their own personal hand sanitizer instead of the school provided hand sanitizer.

Yes, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available. But make sure you know that your hand sanitizer is GF.