GF Summer Camp page updated

Our gluten-free (GF) summer camp list has been updated There are many great camps that are not specifically GF but can accommodate the gluten-free diet. Our list is camps that are 100% GF or use a special GF kitchen or take other special precautions to ensure a gluten-free camp experience. RelatedCeliac Awareness Month – Emma Sullivan’s Celiac JourneyMay 25, 2023Celiac … Read More

Host a Gluten-Free Food Drive

The gluten-free diet is expensive which makes accessing gluten-free food products difficult for many families. On top of that many local food pantries do not have sufficient access to gluten-free products. You can join in our efforts to support our larger gluten-free community by hosting a gluten-free food drive. You can do this as a family, as part of a … Read More

GluTeen Free: A Letter to my Younger Self

I’m Abby B, a rising junior who has had Celiac for two and a half years. I play multiple sports and go to a small private Christian school, now located at my house because of Covid-19. I got diagnosed with celiac disease when I was in 8th grade and have had it for almost two years now. Since I go … Read More