Celiac Disease Resources for Teachers

The role of the classroom teacher in supporting a child with celiac disease is extremely important.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about celiac disease and how you can support all children with celiac disease who are a part of your classroom. Below you will find a short video that details how a teacher can ensure a safe and fulfilling school year for a child with celiac disease. Additionally, you will find several resource documents to help with implementing a 504 plan for a child with celiac disease. 

It’s important to remember that accommodations for a child with celiac disease should be documented within the context of tailored 504 plan to help promote health, while minimizing the risk of social stigmatization or exclusion from a classroom wide activity to which other peers have access. We have a template 504 plan available to assist schools with developing plans for a child with celiac disease.

Watch: SAGE Training Program Video

For Learning Environment Staff Managing Celiac Disease
Learning environment professionals must often simultaneously manage and provide accommodations for students with a variety of different health conditions, including celiac disease. This brief training video outlines key strategies to methodically provide for a safe learning environment for children with celiac disease.

More Resources


Gluten-Free School Supply List

"The following supplies are considered gluten-free and safe for a child with celiac disease to use in a learning environment."


Simple Classroom Substitutions

"There are many very simple substitutions that can be made to make learning activities for all children."


Home-Economics and Cooking Class Suggestions 

"…with a few adjustments, learning environments can create an inclusive classroom that allows students living a medically necessary gluten-free diet to participate in ALL food related activities."


If you need additional help, please reach out to our Celiac Disease Program at celiac@childrens.harvard.edu.