About Celiac Kids Connection

Celiac disease is a common autoimmune condition involving the small intestine that is triggered by the ingestion of gluten in genetically predisposed individuals. The only treatment for celiac disease is the gluten-free diet. Adhering to the gluten-free diet can be particularly difficult for children.

Celiac Kids Connection is a community of families that share ideas, encourages each other, advocates and provides education. We support physically and emotionally healthy gluten-free living for all children with celiac disease. We are based at at Boston Children’s Hospital and welcome families from Boston, New England and beyond.

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Celiac Kids Connection has been connecting families since 1992. This community provides a helping hand for families managing the gluten-free lifestyle. Our connections are made both in person and on-line; at educational programs and at social events. The social events include our annual holiday party, our summer event and other outings at places like Tree Top Adventures, the New England Revolution and Ward's Berry Farm.

We are the only celiac support group focused solely on children and families in the Boston area.

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