Who We Are

Connecting celiac kids and their families is the goal and mission of Celiac Kids Connection (CKC), a nonprofit organization based at Boston Children's Hospital. CKC provides a networking community of support, education and advocacy for families with children diagnosed with celiac disease. We are dedicated to assisting the celiac child from infancy through college in leading a physically and emotionally healthy, gluten-free life.

CKC is the only group in the Boston area focused primarily on children and families with celiac disease. Formerly the Celiac Support Group of Boston Children’s Hospital, CKC has provided newly diagnosed families with knowledge and guidelines for raising children with celiac disease since 1992.

Our membership is open to all families with celiac disease regardless of where you receive care. Once you become a member, our outreach committee will offer your family diet education and lifestyle support plus a welcome basket filled with gluten-free foods.
Other membership benefits include:

  • Parties and social events where children and their families can socialize in a safe, gluten-free environment;
  • Networking opportunities with other families;
  • Membership meetings offering education, lifestyle management tools and techniques, gluten-free foods and vendors;
  • A quarterly newsletter covering tips for living gluten free, gluten-free recipes, medical updates, news about the celiac community, educational articles, and articles written by kids for kids.