Seven Day Gluten Free Menu

Cooking and eating gluten free is overwhelming at first but it will become second nature for your and your child.
This sample menu is not a comprehensive list of how to eat gluten free. It is intended to get you from diagnosis to your visit with a registered dietitian. And remember, naturally gluten-free foods (e.g.: fresh grilled or baked meats and fish, fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs) are always good choices.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast Cereal, labeled GF Frozen Waffles, labeled GF Eggs Bagel labeled GF Eggs French toast- Frozen & labeled GF or homemade with bread labeled GF Muffin, labeled GF
Snack Fruit/veg Yogurt String Cheese Fruit Yogurt Fruit/veg Yogurt
Lunch Hard boiled eggs Sandwich made with deli meat and bread both labeled GF Pizza (leftover from Monday) Deli meat rollups Grilled cheese made with bread labeled GF Homemade lunchables- Cheese, deli meat, apple Dinner leftovers
Snack Yogurt Fruit Pretzels labeled GF Cut up vegetables Fruit Yogurt String cheese
Dinner Chicken (GF breading) & Potatoes Frozen Pizza labeled GF Tacos using corn taco shells labeled GF Quesadillas made on corn tortillas labeled GF Frozen Chicken Nuggets, labeled GF Fish Burger, hot dog or meat on grill with a bun labeled GF
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