Gluten-Free Candy List Updated for Halloween

Celiac Kids Connection’s annual candy list has been updated for 2023. Our gluten-free candy list, has been updated just in time for Halloween. Please go to our Gluten-Free Candy Guide page to find the list and information on how it was prepared. Again, this year we have included carb count information from JDRF for families living with the dual diagnosis … Read More

GF Summer Camp page updated

Our gluten-free (GF) summer camp list has been updated There are many great camps that are not specifically GF but can accommodate the gluten-free diet. Our list is camps that are 100% GF or use a special GF kitchen or take other special precautions to ensure a gluten-free camp experience. RelatedGluten-Free Candy List Updated for HalloweenSeptember 24, 2023Meet EmmieAugust 7, … Read More

Host a Gluten-Free Food Drive

The gluten-free diet is expensive which makes accessing gluten-free food products difficult for many families. On top of that many local food pantries do not have sufficient access to gluten-free products. You can join in our efforts to support our larger gluten-free community by hosting a gluten-free food drive. You can do this as a family, as part of a … Read More