GF Summer Camp page updated

Our gluten-free (GF) summer camp list has been updated There are many great camps that are not specifically GF but can accommodate the gluten-free diet. Our list is camps that are 100% GF or use a special GF kitchen or take other special precautions to ensure a gluten-free camp experience. RelatedGF Summer Camp page updatedJanuary 30, 2023Celiac Kids Connection CookbookOctober … Read More

Host a Gluten-Free Food Drive

The gluten-free diet is expensive which makes accessing gluten-free food products difficult for many families. On top of that many local food pantries do not have sufficient access to gluten-free products. You can join in our efforts to support our larger gluten-free community by hosting a gluten-free food drive. You can do this as a family, as part of a … Read More

Thank You Celiac Kids Connection Volunteers

It is Volunteer Appreciation Week! Even in these hectic times, we would like take a moment to thank all the special people who make Celiac Kids Connection great. THANK YOU!!! We would not be who we are without your hard work and dedication. Celiac Kids Connections relies on our volunteers. There is nothing we do that does not require volunteer … Read More

GluTeen Free: How I go to School Dances without Feeling Awkward

By Abby Baird I’m Abby B, a 10th grader who has had celiac disease for two years. I play multiple sports and go to a small private Christian school. I got diagnosed with celiac disease when I was in 8th grade and have had it for almost two years now. Since I go to such a small school I am … Read More