Ask Sharon Weston – August 2023

This month’s “Ask the Expert” features clinical dietician Sharon Weston. Sharon answers a question about replacing items in your kitchen after a celiac disease diagnosis.

Read the answer below or listen to Sharon’s advice.

Question – What do you recommend for a newly diagnosed 3-year-old? Do I need to replace all of my sippy cups, plates and utensils?

Sharon Weston –
The answer is no. You can certainly make sure that everything is very well washed and cleaned by putting things in your dishwasher. Think of gluten as raw chicken. You should clean items exposed to gluten in the same manner as you would clean your cutting board or other items if they were exposed to raw chicken.

Use hot soapy water, get a good scrub brush or use your dishwasher and you should be able to use all of those items.

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