Ask Dr. Du – December 2023

This month’s “Ask the Expert” features Nan Du, MD MPH. Dr. Du answers a question about what to do when your child is exposed to gluten.

Read the answer below or listen to Dr. Du.

Question – If I know my child ate gluten and he’s sick, what can I do to make him feel better?

Dr. Du – First I want to say that these things can happen and the most important thing is that your child should keep hydrated. I encourage them to focus on drinking liquids such as water or Pedialyte.

Your child might not feel up to eating large meals, which is totally fine. You might actually find that taking smaller meals might make them feel a little bit better. Finally, it is important for your child to get some rest and sleep.

If symptoms are really severe, you might need medications to help. But if it gets to that point, I’d really encourage you to speak to your doctor. Because they can help figure out which medications work best,

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