Navigating Celiac at College

By Anna Cass and Jessica Cohen Jessica Cohen and Anna Cass have teamed up to help you navigate celiac disease at college. Learn about Jessica and Anna. In the months to come we will be sharing our experiences with you. My name is Jessica, and I live in Worcester, MA. I was diagnosed with celiac disease at the end of … Read More

College Students Win Gluten-Free Lawsuit

By Tara Taft Eating GF at college can still present a challenge, according to comments on Udi’s blog post on March 29, 2012 titled, “How to Eat Gluten Free (and Healthy) in College Dining Halls.” This post describes persisting concerns about cross-contamination and the availability of gluten-free options in college dining halls. A recent lawsuit by a Lesley University student … Read More

Surviving a Gluten Attack at College

You thought the food in the cafeteria, in the restaurant or at your friends apartment was gluten free… No matter how hard we try, we all have those times when we accidentally ingest gluten. When you are away at college this will be no different; you will need to be prepared to take care of yourself if you have a … Read More

Choosing a College

Selecting a college is hard enough without food constraints. With planning it can be done! See the following suggestions for tips. There are so many resources out there to help students select a college. There are books, websites, school counselors and private consultants that you can hire. And, there are the lists. You can look at schools based on best … Read More

The Celiac Student’s College Packing List

By Colleen Fennessy The amount of cooking any college student on a meal plan does is highly variable, and also depends on one’s definition of “cooking”—making ramen every night doesn’t really count. However, with a gluten-free diet and generally terrible dining hall food, cooking for yourself can become really important. It doesn’t make sense to get enough dishes for a … Read More