Listen to Dr. Weir

Listen to Dr. Dascha Weir talk about celiac disease and living gluten free as a guest on the Parenting Food Allergies Podcast. She answers questions about symptoms, diagnosing celiac disease, managing the condition, current research and much more.

Dr. Weir is the Medical Director of Celiac Kids Connection, a board certified pediatric gastroenterologist and the associate director of the Celiac Disease Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Parenting Food Allergies podcast is a series for food allergy parents and caregivers that need a bit of advice and support from someone who understand their struggle. Hosted by Sue Webb, an everyday Midwestern mom whose teen aged sons have food allergies, Parenting Food Allergies will cover the questions and issues that food allergy parents face on a daily basis as their child grows up.

Sue understands food allergies from a few different angles. One of her sons has had food allergies since infancy while the other developed a serious allergy at 18 years and within weeks of leaving for college.

Here is a link to the podcast.


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