Spring Event – Fun and Learning

By Francie Kelley, Executive Director, Celiac Kids Connection, Boston Children’s Hospital

On March 5th we gathered at the Boston Children’s Hospital Waltham location for our Spring Event—a Scavenger Hunt combined with a Medical Update.

The Scavenger Hunt consisted of 8 stations with activities related to celiac disease or the gluten-free diet. Teen members of our group staffed the stations and the younger members participated in the activities. The activities included a word search, a crossword puzzle, true and false quizzes, craft activities and a video to watch. One of the stations presented different types of gluten-free grains. Kids were able to see and touch the different grains in the sensory exhibit. At each station, the kids received a sticker after completing the activity. Once they had collected all 8 stickers, they received a prize.

The Medical Update was presented by Dr. Dascha Weir, the Associate Director of the Celiac Disease Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Medical Advisor for Celiac Kids Connection. Dr. Weir discussed the latest research and current thinking on the management of celiac disease, non-responsive celiac disease, the IgA tTG test, and repeat endoscopies.

In addition to the Scavenger Hunt we had samples from Schär, Bakery on Main, Mina’s Purely Divine, and Canyon Bakehouse. Eastern Marketing also attended the meeting and had a wide array of gluten-free products for sale.

2 Comments on “Spring Event – Fun and Learning”

  1. Where is the best place to connect on-line with other parents of celiac kids? I was thinking of the FB Page: Celiac Kids Connection at Boston Childrens Hospital but it seems to be more top down, and not interactive with discussions. Just wondering if you knew a place for parents to connect over concerns, questions, etc.


    1. Mallory, In addition to the FB Page we have a FB Group. The FB Page is one way communication for CKC and the hospital to tell you about our events and share information. The FB Group provides a way for members of CKC to communicate with each other. Because we share inform about our kids, the FB Group is closed and only available to members of CKC.

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