Celiac Kids Connection Cookbook

We are creating a cookbook. Here is detailed information about the cookbook and how to submit a recipe.

The deadline to submit recipes is November 10, 2022.

General Information

Celiac Kids Connection is creating a collection of member’s favorite recipes. The cookbook is supported philanthropically by Schär USA.

The date for submitting recipes is November 10, 2022.

Recipes should be original recipes. If you have modified a recipe from another source, you will need to include that source when you submit the recipe. This will allow us to attribute the original source in the cookbook.

All recipes submitted to the contest will be included in the cookbook and a winner in each recipe category will receive a prize basket (limit one prize per household).

While Schär USA is supporting this project, you are welcome to submit any GF recipe. They are not required to contain Schär products as ingredients.

Contest Details

◊ All recipes must be gluten free

◊ Have lots of fun creating recipes. Take photos along the way to submit with your recipes. Photos can have just the food or your family featured in them as well. We love seeing smiling faces cooking!

◊ You may submit as many recipes as you would like in each category. Our recipe categories are:

  • Breakfast – This can be school days, weekends in your PJs, slumber parties, etc.
  • Snacks – We want ideas for snacks you eat at home and on-the-go. Think about afterschool, sporting activities, and travel
  • Fill the Lunch Box – Yes, include your favorite sandwich combos. But think about other items like snack mixes, fruit salads, and hummus or other dips.
  • Fast Family Meals for Busy Nights
  • Fun with Family and Friends – This includes all types of parties and entertaining. We want recipes for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, hang outs with friends, etc
  • Desserts
  • Spectacular S’mores

    ◊ Submit your recipes using our Recipe Submission Page.  Here are some tips about submitting a recipe.

    • You will need to complete all of the items in the submission form. This includes information you are used to seeing in cookbooks but maybe do not typically include when you share recipes with friends such as:
      • How many servings does the recipe make?
      • What is the estimated time to prepare and cook this recipe?
    • Each recipe needs a name or title. It can be as simple as “The Jones Family Favorite Brownies” or it can be elaborate. You choose!
    • The ingredient list should be detailed and include measurements.
    • The recipe steps should be easy to follow by someone who has not made this before.


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