Teen Board Members

Are you a teen who would like to be more involved in Celiac Kids Connection (CKC)? Have you ever considered serving on our CKC board?

Teen board members are full voting members of the board and ensure that we are considering the teen perspective in our activities. Being a member of the board is an open-ended commitment and requires that you attend our board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. Board members also serve on our welcome committee (reaching out to families that are new to our group) and assist with at least one other volunteer task.

Not everyone who applies will become a teen board member. Our current board will review the applications and make a decision at out June, 2024 board meeting. We will select at least 2 teen board members from the applications.

To be considered for one of the teen board positions you will need to

  • Complete the application form
  • Attend one or more board meetings in the winter/spring of 2024
  • Attend the June 11, 2024 board meeting to tell the board why you would like to be a CKC teen board member. This is an informal conversation where you get to talk to the board about why you want to be involved and the board has the opportunity to ask you questions.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a teen board member, contact celiac@childrens.harvard.edu or complete the application form.