American Girl Recap

American Girl

On Sunday, May 3, 2015, over 60 members joined us for a three-course dinner at American Girl Bistro in Natick. American Girl closed the restaurant for outside guests and hosted our group with tables set up for mingling among families.

Guests enjoyed specially prepared, gluten-free appetizers and entrees, including gluten-free pizza, chicken fingers, pasta, salmon and burgers on gluten-free buns. A gluten-free version of the signature American Girl pink and white cake, served with ice cream, was the highlight of the meal. Children and their dolls received the Grace Girl of the Year.

goodie bag complete with a special tiara, picture frame and a chef’s hat to decorate. Thank you to American Girl, partic- ularly Brian Theriault, Ed Gallante, Gabe Stipo and Ashley Newhall, for hosting our group and working with us to make this a special event for attendees.

Thanks also to Jenny Horsburgh for photographing the event.

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