GluTeen Free: Eating GF When Away From Home

Here are some tips and tricks for eating gluten free when you are at school, a friend’s house or away from home. Bring a toaster: Having a small, cheap, dedicated GF toaster to bring to a friend or family member’s home can be very convenient. GF breakfasts can be difficult when away from home, so bring your favorite GF toaster … Read More

College Students Win Gluten-Free Lawsuit

By Tara Taft Eating GF at college can still present a challenge, according to comments on Udi’s blog post on March 29, 2012 titled, “How to Eat Gluten Free (and Healthy) in College Dining Halls.” This post describes persisting concerns about cross-contamination and the availability of gluten-free options in college dining halls. A recent lawsuit by a Lesley University student … Read More